Vision and Mission


We will dominate SAP market in Iran and neighboring countries and become the best company in providing SAP services in oil, gas, petrochemical, food and medicine, production, trade, and project-based industries.


To provide an appropriate framework for effective management, increasing efficiency and decreasing companies’ expenses by business processes optimization and planning all organization resources and helping to implement SAP enterprise planning resources best practices in production, engineering, food, oil, gas, petrochemical and project-based domains with the help of the best experts in each module in Iran.

Goals until 2021

  • Achieving the first rank in Irans High Council of Informatics
  • Obtaining SAP Gold partnership in Iran
  • Establishing SAP training center
  • Training 200 expert and efficient employees in all SAP ERP domains
  • Implementing SAP successfully in the top 50 companies in Iran in oil, gas, petrochemical, food, medicine, production and project-based domains