SAP ERP Support

SAP ERP Support

SAP ERP Support

SAP ERP systems are usually supported in three levels.

First level:

SAP ERP is supported by SAP Company. In this level, new versions of SAP and probably new patches can be downloaded from SAP market place and installed in the environment which does not require giving SAP direct access to servers.

Supporting existing SAP ERP systems in Iran is one of the services provided by Sameh Ara.

Second level:

After the implementation of SAP ERP, the following requirements may come up which can be supported by SamehAra:

1.Training and retraining SAP ERP

2.Improving processes and SAP ERP performance

3.Implementing new processes of SAP ERP

4.SAP ERP system development

5.Error handling

6.Running SAP help desk 

7.Upgrading SAP ERP

8.Consulting and solution providing

As long as an organization uses the best practices and standards of SAP during the implementation, users would rarely encounter bugs in the system thanks to its unique design.

In order to provide better support services, Samehara offers ticketing system for each customer so that they can track the last status of their requests.

Third level:

End users are supported in this level. Generally during SAP implementation in IRAN, key users of an organization are trained who will support the system internally after the implementation is finished.